About Toruń

Toruń was founded over 750 years ago (the Foundation Charter was signed on 28 December 1233) and has many monuments among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus whose main work “De revolutionibus…” contained the first heliocentric theory of universe.

The oldest part of the town retains its medieval character and spreads along the Vistula river, being well-separated from younger districts. The most splendid examples of Toruń’s historical architecture are: the Old City Hall (at present the museum) and three monumental Gothic churches (Sts. Jones’, Our Lady’s and St. Jacob’s). Narrow, old streets still preserve their nostalgic ambiance and coexist peacefully with much younger Nicolaus Copernicus University. Its 40,000 students constitutes almost 1/3 of the total population of the city. NCU is also the biggest employer in the city (more than 4,360 employees).

More information about the whole region you can find here.

The City Hall

The Old Town view

Night panorama of the Old Town

Panorama of the city taken from the opposite bank of the Vistula river

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